How To Make Pumpkin Puree From Scratch – Oven Roasting Method

How To Make Pumpkin Puree From Scratch – Oven Roasting Method

Everyone knows fresh is always better then canned! So next time you make pumpkin pie (or anything else pumpkin related) why not make your own puree instead of reaching for a tin?
It’s super simple and this oven roasting method can also be used to puree just about any winter squash you like!

Oh, and just a quick mention, you might want to wear gloves when dealing with fresh pumpkin (and probably other types of squash).  Pumpkins in particular produce ‘vegetable glycerine’ which can stick to your hands and make them look or feel dry and scaly.  It’s also really really hard to get off.

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Oven Roasted Pumpkin Puree

November 12, 2017
: Approx 8C
: 15 min
: 40 min
: 55 min
: Easy


  • 1 Pumpkin
  • 1-2T Any flavourless oil you like
  • A Pinch of Salt (optional)
  • Step 1 Cut the Pumpkin in half and scoop out the seeds/membrane.
  • Step 2 Place in a microwave safe dish and microwave for 3-5 minutes (this is an optional step but makes the pumpkin easier to cut up).
  • Step 3 Cut the pumpkin into medium size sections.
  • Step 4 Pace on a foil lined baking pan and brush pumpkin pieces with oil then sprinkle with salt.
  • Step 5 Bake at 450F for 30-40M until the pumpkin flesh is soft when pierced with a fork.
  • Step 6 Scoop the pumpkin flesh into the bowl of a blender or food processor and pulse until it forms a smooth puree.
  • Step 7 Note: If you want a more textured puree you can cook the pumpkin a few minutes longer and mash with a potato masher.



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